Welcome to the Florida Fencing Academy!


  • Fun sociable alternative to the gym.
  • Energetic all over body workout.
  • New fencers always welcome.
  • Compete one-on-one or in team events.
  • Innovative sport with 3 disciplines.
  • Not dangerous.
  • Great "stress-buster".

Fencing is like “Physical Chess" and is the solution for individuals looking to take the boredom out of exercise.  A total mind body connection is developed where rhythm, timing and intelligence are rewarded over brute strength and speed.  The physical demands of fencing are easy on the body and promote a lifetime opportunity for fitness. 

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The Florida Fencing Academy was founded in 1998 by Brian Harper, an internationally accomplished fencer and coach.  FFA fencers and coaches have been medalists in many local, state, sectional and national competitions, and members of national teams.We offer children’s programs, adult programs, private instruction and open bouting in foil, sabre, and epee for every level of interest and experience.  

The Academy is a place where all levels can come together to learn new skills, hone techniques, engage in friendly bouting and train for competition.

"Whether you want to train for competition or simply want to get in shape.  The more you train, the better you will be. Dedication is the key to success.”

-Coach Brian Harper

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